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Upcoming Values throughout this School year... Responsibility, Generosity and Truthfulness



At Hindley Green Community Primary we want our children to experience values that give them a sense of meaning and direction. The values we study in school are principals that are relevant in Modern British Society. Each term we explore a new value. This is done in a variety of creative and inspirational ways by the whole school community in order to be understood and relevant to everyday life. 


Our Value during this Autumn Half Term is 'Service'. Here are some of the areas we will think about over the coming weeks;




Here are some more examples of different Value we have looked at as a school:



Think about:

  • How are pupils encouraged to feel part of the school community through creation?
  • How can children be helped to appreciate the creation of the environment around them and develop the foundations necessary?
  • Do children develop their own creativity and help others to do so?
  • Children understand the action or process of bringing something into existence?


Think about:

  • How are pupils encouraged to act responsibly and think about the wisdom of their words and actions?
  • How can children be helped to appreciate the wisdom of others?
  • Do children encounter words of wisdom from many different sources?
  • How do we encourage pupils to reflect on what is of real value in life?


An example of the comments children wrote in regards to 'Hope.'

"Hope is the place where you want to go. Hope is a person who you want to know. Hope is the feeling that carries you through and Hope is the future for me and you. I hope people in the Philippines get their lives back.'


"I hope for all the people in Syria, the Philippines and many other countries in life threatning situations to have all things they need like food, drink, shelter and safety."


The children have been learning what it means to show respect to themselves, others, authority and the environment. We hope to continue to reinforce the meaning or respect throughout the latter part of the term with a variety of small events.

Here are some quotes about 'Respect,' for you to consider.

"Every human being, of whatever origin, of whatever station deserves respect. We must each respect others even as we respect ourselves."


"Respect is a two-way street, if you want to get it, you've got to give it."


 As part of a community (like our school) trust is very important if we are to work together effectively. The children will be exploring how we can put trust in others and earn their trust in return. They will also have the opportunity to listern to a variety of stories reflecting this value and share their thoughts with the peers in class.