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Our Values

At our school, we cherish the unique qualities of each individual. Our goal is to equip our pupils with the ability to discern and critically evaluate the world around them, shaping their own beliefs and behaviours. We rely on the experiences of others to guide and prepare us for life's journey.

We are a vibrant, caring, and family-friendly school, deeply committed to our values:

  • Honesty and truthfulness

  • Keeping commitments

  • Respecting others' rights and properties

  • Showing consideration and kindness

  • Supporting those in need

  • Being accountable for our actions

  • Practicing self-discipline

In every area of our curriculum, we consistently apply these values, allowing our pupils to practice and understand a range of moral issues. This approach not only addresses specific situations but also cultivates a general understanding of moral principles.

Each half term we focus on a specific value with the children in detail.  In 2023/2024 the values we will cover are as follows:-

Autumn  1 - Perseverance

Autumn 2 - Peace

Spring 1 - Hope

Spring 2 - Forgiveness

Summer 1 - Trust

Summer 2 - Thankfulness 

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